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Ephedra is some scary stuff. About 5 years ago I bought a diet Pill advertised on TV called Stacker 3 with Chitosan. It said "drug free and a metabolizing fat burner and you would feel the energy and fat burning effect in just 45 minutes". Well, I took 2 of them and I will tell you within 45 minutes I had to have my husband take me to the ER because it caused my heart to do some major fluttering and palpitating, It was worse than my worse panic attack ever and I really thought I was going to die. Needless to say I never have and never will take anythng with Ephedra in it again. I am even weary of any herbal "stimulant" type . I have been taking Mega Green T which is only Green tea, calcium and chromium Picolinate and I have lost 9 lbs in the past month, but I also have been eating better, cut out the pepsi and whoppers !!! hehe :D

Take care and stay away from any herbal stimulants and especially the illegal ones !!!! Even the ADD/ADHD drugs are dangerous. But in the extreme and absolute true cases of one verifiably diagnosed with ADHD, a prescription such as Adderall xr can be a life changer. It has been for my 10 yr old, but I still hate the idea of having him on an actual amphetamine, even though without his meds he is a completely different person. He can actually function "normally" in school, at home, church and any type of social situation. He will be in the 4th grade and has been on the A honor roll the past 3 years, is in accelerated reading and math and in the chess club etc. Before taking the meds, he was uncontrollable, mean, had no friends, he would bite or hit other children, and it was terrible cuz he knew he was doing things that werre wrong but could not control his impulses or compulsions. But the downside is he is smaller than most kids his age (weighs less and is shorter) and I worry about long term side affects and if he will ever be able to "function" in life without the meds. Cuz any stimulant especially an amphetamine over a long period of time has got to be damaging to the heart etc. IF anyone has any info on alternative or safer more natural treatments I will sure be willing to check it out. Thanks... and sorry i got off topic a bit!!! Im a little goofy ...hehe :jester: :bouncing: :eek:

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