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Went and saw my PM....last Thursday.... told her about the curling toes, pain in my feet, the fact that my left leg now hurts along with my right side... but did not before surgery.... she basically ask me "Do you walk with a limp?" I just kinda sat there in amazement for a second and looked at her I know with a totally stupid look on my face... and said...."Uhhhhh YES!!!!" I mean she has seen me walk how many times?.... anyway..... the point of the question was because she said that I am probably compensating for the right side and now thats why the left hurts...I think its bologna..... and I told her that... she basically said.. thats the only reason I can give you.... then she said... lets up your Methadone to 20 mg 3 times a day... and put me on a med called Adderall Xr... which is for kids with ADD or ADHD.... but with adults taking meds that cause sedation it is supposed to work in the reverse....she first suggested putting me on Oxycontin, but I immediately said NO WAY!!! I have heard such bad things about Oxy... my dad was on it when he broke his ribs last spring... and he only took it one night... and the next moring he was having the DT's so bad... and was talking about freezing... and was shaking and this and that where he was comming down off of it... I told her I will just stick to the Methadone...but as for the foot pain and such, she really didnt give me any specifics as to what could be causing it, other then it could be comming from the damage to the S1 nerve root.... I was like... OK!?!?! took my meds to get filled... the Adderall alone is over $60... which I can not afford, and I called her back and told her that, and she was like..."Well, we can decrease your Meth... I was like and the purpose of that would be??? So she is supposed to be writing me a perscription for another med that has a generic that wont cost me full price that does the same thing....

Do ya'll feel like after your doctors appts that you just ran a marathon, and are totally worn out....... I DO!

Well, Yall take care... Hope things are well...

Good Luck to ya all

TRose :angel: