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Hi, I'm also looking for some feedback from anyone who has a child on zoloft. My 8 year old daughter is ADD and is on Strattera. Which we started 2 weeks ago when she began to emotionally fall apart while taking Adderall XR. She has always had a "dark" side (her father suffers from depression - runs in his family). She began locking herself in the bathroom at school - crying - and the only reason she could give us and her teacher was that she feels "sad" inside. We were seeing the same behavior at home. She shows little interest in the things she always enjoyed. I have seen these symptoms before in my husband. Her Ped. prescribed zoloft - 25 mg to start going up to 50 mg if needed. We are planning to start tomorrow - I have to admit I am a little uncomfortable putting her on it. But I also realize what a difference antideppresants have made for my husband. It breaks my heart to have such a unhappy 8 year old!