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For the last six months or so I've been having slight muscle spasms in various places of my body. It used to be limited to only underneath my eyes and cheeks, but now the spasms have moved to the back of my left arm a few inches underneath my armpit and on my ribcage. They're not painful, but they are rather uncomfortable and can be seen easily underneath my skin. When I'm laying down with my back against something the tics almost always show up, and they can last for up to ten minutes no matter if I stand up or try to massage them away.

I don't know what could possibly cause them, but I'm taking 30 MG of adderall once in the morning and 600 MG of Trileptal once in the morning and once at night. I also suspect I have a very slight case of TD, but it's controllable. Possibly the TD or the medications are causing the spasms?

Glad to hear back from anyone and get some feedback on what this might be before I go to the doctor. Maybe it's nothing but a little bit of work stress. Maybe someone has a similar story or information that I can take back to my doctor so we can work it out together.