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hello. i am a 16 yr old male. i dont know whats wrong with me. back in november i REALLY liked this girl, but i was really overweight...and i was too shy...so i went on a diet. well i heard that she was leaving our school, so my diet got drastic because i wanted to be noticed. i dropped about 70 ibs and went from 220 or so to 145...and am 5'10..i did this in about 3 months. well to find out she liked me even before i lost all that weight, but she was shy to talk to me lol. well she became my girlfriend and has been for 6 months. im also in a great hardcore/screamo band. we are playing with alexisonfire in a few weeks or so. well people thought i had an eating disorder...which i very well may have...i dont know. but the thing is, im not sure i do...i feel like nothing. its so hard to explain. i have a great life when u think about it...but i have no emotions at all...i just act like i have emotion to my gf because i love her i think, but i just have no emotion and i feel nothing...and i always get distracted by little things, annoyed by little things like tapping, and my grades started dropping recently because i cant concentrate (i never ate, so i just figured that was why, and when i started eating id get better with schoolwork and stuff...but it got worse). ive been on prozac and zoloft and each of them i hate. i feel like a different person on them and cant stand it. but i found the medicine i like even thogh i took it illegaly. it was from a friend who thought i may have add, so they let me try adderall...(my legs always shake, im always gettin in trouble for not sitting still, trouble reading, etc...but i never had these symptoms until after all this happened) the adderall made me feel like a normal person again...i had a regular appetite and didnt worry about what i was eating, but i didnt binge or not eat. i dont remember getting annoyed by anything...i was more calm and outgoing, and i made my gf feel more special...and i felt emotion on it...idk what to do
Why don't you just tell your doctor this stuff? He may very well prescribe the adderall for you! Just explain everything the same way you wrote it. You will not get in trouble.