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I have had chest pain for years now. I am 22 years old. The pain can be described as fullness, tightness, sometimes (rarely) piercing. I went to a doctor and he gave me a ekg and an ecg (echocardiogram). He said that there was nothing wrong, besides a little valve leakage which was normal. (i later found out its not normal for someone my age, but for someone that is 35 or so) my fathers father died of his 7th heart attack at 42. To add fuel to the fire, I have a long history of drug usage (dxm, amt, 5-meo-amt, n-benzylpiperazine, mdma) most of these drugs are speed drugs. I have stopped doing drugs, but I got to the point while doing them that I would get massive palpitations, some of them frighteningly strange (spasms) and such. Shortness of breath, sometimes difficulty swallowing (lump in my throat) etc. I have a stethoscope, and I have heard s3 gallops and such (a 3rd heart sound) that were accompanied by a palpitation (fluttering).

I dont think its congestive... I feel like its just weak. Like when if you were to hold your arm up in the air for 10 hours straight... How that muscle would feel tired and sore. Thats the best way I can describe the chest pain. I recently broke my toe (while drunk) and I felt some pretty hardcore chest pain that night. It actually drew more of my attention than my toe did. The next day my left underarm muscle was sore. I listened to my heart with the stethoscope for a bit while this pain was occuring. It frightened me because I was pretty worked up from the toe and such and it was only going about 60 bpm. So I (on purpose) started shaking heavily trying to work myself up to see if my heart would speed up, and it didnt.

I dont excersize regularly. Infact, I usually sit and play the computer or video games. The main excersize I get is delivering pizza 30 hours a week. Ive noticed that this chest pain seems to be degenerative (though that could just be a skewed perception of it) alot of the time I listen to my heart in the stethoscope it seems to be perfectly healthy, though some of those times the beats are not at solid intervals.

There is one more thing... I dont know if this is going to help diagnose the problem, hopefully it does not just lead you to believe I am delusional (thus diagnosing a panic attack or something)

i was a heavy speed user (3-4 times a month, at high doses mainly mdma or adderall) for the past couple of years. The chest pain was very apparent the day following the drug usage. The worst symptoms always came the day after doing a speed drug. Some effects have lingered beyond the usage. I did the speed because I am a transsexual and on benzylpiperazine (a research chemical, speed) a few years back, I learned that I could mentally alter some of my metabolic functions. I learned how to atrophy muscle in specified areas with my mind, at an alarming rate. I would take the speed, and for 8 or more hours while on it, I would 'shape' my body to make it appear more feminine. The easiest part to manipulate was always the buttocks. As for proof, I have little solid evidence (though I know it isnt delusion due to the difference in how the muscle has rebuilt itself over time after the experiences, and how it looked during and after the experience [i have pictures too]) besides the fact that I once went to the er after taking 3 pills of adderall (90mg total) about 30 hours after the initial dosage, complaining of chest pain. They gave me a cpk (creatine kinase) blood test and my ck was over 30 times (not kidding) higher than normal. The ekg suggested no heart attack however. Is ck not an enzyme stored in skeletal muscle that could be released upon indulging in such activities (manually shaping my body)?

Was this act dangerous to my health? Could it be the cause of my chest pain?

Please do not tell me to stop doing drugs, as I said I already have. I am curious if you could tell me maybe what might be wrong with me, and why I still have ongoing chest pain. Some days are almost symptom free, some are bad. I usually get the chest pain if I stay up too late, and it gets worse if I continue to stay up. It is usually much better in the morning.

The doc I went to that gave me the ekg and ecg told me they were probably panic attacks. Though I did not give him all the information I just relayed here.

One of my main questions is: is there a condition where the heart is weaker than it should be? What is it called? But my most important question is: what the heck is wrong with me?

Thank you for listening.