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[CENTER]My full name is Jennifer Renee Youngblood.
I was born in Mobile, Alabama.
I have lived there for all my life.
My birthday is July 1st, 1988.
I am 5'4'' and around 120 pounds.
I am going to give you some information about myself.
I, of course, take Adderall Xr, and have for many years.
The reason why I do is because doctors think that I have Attention Deficit Disorder, but I do not have the typical kind.
My mind floats a lot wthout the medication, and if I take the medication my thoughts usually do not float as much, letting me think more normally.
Anyways, I started drinking and smoking as I was coming out of 8th grade into 9th grade.
I am now a Highschool graduate.
I have had some health issues a long the way.
I quit smoking when I was 15 or 16.
I started again when I was 17, and now I am 18 years old.
I do not know if you are fimiliar with seizures or strokes but I will tell you what happened to me the other day.
I had ran about 2 miles on a Wednesday night..
I slept for many many hours after that..
I woke up the next morning and took the Adderall Xr that I am a custom too.
I left home to go to school.
I was at school feeling somewhat fine..
Except I took some Ibprofen for some physical pain I was having..
I also have a mild stomach ulcer, so I had to take a Zantac pill for that.
Almost instantly I went to the bathroom, because the pain got so bad I thought that I was going to vomit.
My stomach started hurting tremendously and my body was shaking.
I sat down hoping it would fade away.
I was getting dizzy, I got freazing cold, except I started sweating horribly.
I felt much tingling in my right arm and legs.
Soon after that, I lost feeling in my leg and my arm could barely move.
I did not want to disturb any classes so I tried to walk myself to my car.
Walking was incredibly difficult, because I was about to pass out and my limbs were weaker than they have ever been.
I can barely recall what happened after that.
I just know that I got into my car and was determined to drive home.
I was still sweating and the pain in my stomach was undying.
I knew I should not have been driving, but I did anyway.
I didn't drive far, though.
I ran two red lights, and cut off some people, because I hardly even knew where I was and much less who I was.
I finally pulled over to the side of the road in a neighbor I was passing thru.
I had just about lost control of all my movements, that's when I knew I had better try to call someone to get me.
I started shaking crazily, I lost complete feeling of my right arm, my right leg, and even some other parts of my body.
I tried so hard to dial my mom's number.
I finally reached her.
The thing is I tried talking to her, and my words made no sense.
I could not put a word together.
I lost control of my speech, I sounded as if I was mentally retarded or exetremely inebriated.
It was scary.
I couldn't cry, I couldn't talk, I couldn't move.
The pain in my stomach and other areas was so intense that it finally went numb.
This lasted for about an hour or two.
Someone finally came to pick me up.
We left my car, and they drove me.
I was still shaking badly.
My legs were very weak and diffcult for me to walk.
I sat down and they pumped me up with liquids and made me drink gatorade.
The end.[/CENTER]