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Hi there, thank you all for your replies.. Things have actually gotten alot easier as far as sleep goes, believe it or not.. I was put on Adderall for Adult ADHD, and since then I have found that I am alot more calm and I feel the normal response to exerting physical energy (i.e. when I get home at the end of the day I am TIRED!)

Usually I am in bed by midnight everynight, which is monumental for me! There have even been several ocasions I've been in bed before 10:30pm!

Tonight actually, I'm fighting to even write this (haha) But yah, things are better.

Thank you for all your replies!

BTW, I use lavender essential oil at night, which does help a great deal!

I have heard of 5 HTP, but am not sure what it is.. When I worked at the treatment center one of our girls was on it ..

I also know of Melatonin as well..

Thanks again for your replies..