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Hey all

Great topic. I would like to ditto evert thing shoreline has said. also add every one responds differently to the same meds. i
m on 150 mgs methadone day in 10 mg doses. i also take 20gs oxy ir for breaktough. I also take adderall 30mg xr to combat some of the sides effects. Ive been on these meds not always at these doses for going 7yrs. some things to note . IO have taken my driving privledges away and someone else is n hare off giving me my daily med box. my spouse. The rest is in a safe. My spouse and do this because of the risks. I have at one time experience all of the reactions that have been described. I also take about 15 other medications a day along with all of their wonderful side effects. I feel for me that since I'm taking these powerful medications and their are powerful. That I need to protect othes from these side effects. I also have some good quality of life given back to me. I can find joy now in everyday. You have to just weigh the trade off. My best to all.