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i have been taking adderall XR 20mg (1 in the am and 1 in the afternoon) for about 2 1/2 months...since jan. the only real reason i got on it, was for school. so anyway...some days i take it, some days i dont. when i first started to take it they worked really really well, but started to wear off within like 2 maybe 3 hours. for my first perscription i had generic, so i thought maybe it was just because of that. so feb. i told them i wanted the name brand. and starting feb. thats what i got. but still...it didnt seem to be as strong as when i first started. then i decided that maybe something else that i have put in my body is just counteracting with the adderall...and i wanted to find out what exactly would over-right the drug. so i did research and found that a lot of things do. so its like im limited to what i can intake when i take adderall :confused: .i have gotten to the point where when i need to study i will take 2 adderall and have a cup of coffee, or an energy drink. when i read other posts about adderall, not many have had this problem. anybody have any ideas?

if your wondering, i have lost weight. i been taking this drugs for 2 1/2 months like i already said ive lost about 20lbs. crazy huh?

anyway...if somebody has any comments please reply!!!