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Hi, i have tried to patient and see if I can adjust to the sleepiness the 50mcg patch is causing, and we have even tried Adderall to combat it. To further frustrate me, it doesn't even seem to provide better pain relief than the Percocet 10/325 was. We tried Morphine before going to the patch, but it was too dark of a drug for me. Felt too sad on it, even with Cymbalta.
Anyhow, I had a discogram, showing Grade 5 herniation, annular tears, etc, and L5 S1, and L4 not looking too good, either. Might try IDET first, even with insurance refusing to pay.
I feel at a crossroads now that I have an answer from the discogram, and requested to wean back to Percocets. We will try Fentanyl at 25 mcgs first. Does this sound like a good plan, or am I crazy trying to go backward in pain meds. I am just tired of being so SLEEPY as well as in pain.
Suggestions, comments, please?