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Hi Babyboomer,

I am not sure but I think I had adrenal fatigue as well. I take ms contin for pain and adderall for ADD (which is a stimulant). I use to take two, sometimes three pair of socks to work as my feet sweated so badly that my socks would be sopping wet in an hour of two starting in the morning. Have you experienced anything like that. My doctor thought that I might have had adrenal fatigue at that time. I poured down coffee during the day to keep myself going. I eventually got very sick. Had to leave work. The body just kind of shut down. My doctor said he had a patient who was a nurse who had a stressful job and had adrenal fatigue and eventually had to be hospitalized. I share this not to frighten you but aplaude you for checking into this and look forward to hearing anything you find out. One other friend of mine had adrenal fatigue. It seems that people that get this have a sensitive nervous system as I do and so did my friend who was diagnnosed with it. May God comfort you.