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I definitely can relate to the frustration you are feeling. After I did not recover from my 4th back surgery in 3-06 as I should have I went thru numerous treatments. MRI which shows scar tissue still pressing on a nerve, went to pain clinic and they did 4 epidural injections, 12 visits with a chiroprator which was so painful and of course didn't help at all, physical therapy which on the evaluation said I could not do b/c of increased pain with anything they wanted me to do. Finally I had spinal cord stimulator implanted in Dec 06 which helps with some of the pain but I have permanent nerve damage which affects my left calf and ankle so it skips those areas. I am still unable to walk any long distances. I had lost weight after the implant and where the dr buried the extra wire under some fat tissue the wire began to come thru my skin. Medtronics first question was did I lose any weight recently so I guess that happens. So I had surgery #6 on the 17th to fix that problem. Dr said 7 -14 days recovery b/c the incision was not as deep as when he implanted the leads. I still take daily pain meds. I started seeing a psychiatrist a few months ago and he put me on 90mg of Cymbalta in the am which I think helps and also added Adderall 20mg in the am , 10mg at noon, and 10mg at 3 pm. My mood has improved. I think you should definitely get a MRI done so you know what you are dealing with, see a neurosurgeon for different options you may have and either ask your PCP for anti-depressants or see a psychiatrist. Good luck to you. The medical field can be very frustrating! Let me know how things go.