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Well, the doctor wants me to see a psychologist for psychometric testing, to get an actual diagnosis for my ADD. I have been taking adderall for 4 years (AFTER THE PAIN STARTED) and this doctor is convinced that I have been self-medicating wrongly. I have only been to this guy twice, and the doctor that gave me the prescription for my adderall was my family doctor in my hometown, who had known me for ten years, and who had an extensive conversation with my mom before I was allowed to be on it. Mom knew for a long time that I was ADD, but she didnt want a medicated kid. After I went to college, she was okay with me getting help.

Anyway, I do think I will see a psychologist. But this doctor was not saying it in a caring way, it was very condescending. I have tried to get reccommendations from my doctors that I work with, but they dont know anyone here in our town. They are fairly new, as our department is new and growing.

But has anyone ever had these problems? What should I do besides see someone to help me through the mental aspect of this?