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I didn't mean overdose in the sense of taking too much.

What I meant was, if you have a liver function issue, then taking any could theoretically cause feelings of an overdose. I hope I'm communicating this right. It would be helpful to know all the meds you are taking, as well as anything you're taking recreationally. Otherwise it's very hard to really advise you. Like, you just mentioned the Adderall, which I didn't know about before. I don't know if that could come into play or not, but if you are open to sharing info on all the meds and substances then getting help will be easier.

Do you have ADD?

OK. . . I smoked P*T for about three years str8 because I wouldnt go in for a look at what was going on with me back. I finally did because I was not able to tolerate it. After getting on percocet, I stopped that and have honestly never touched it again. I have not used anything like that or worse drugs in my life. I started out only taken perocet as needed. Then, more often, and more often. . . not due to craving them, but because my back was getting worse and worse with time. A couple of times down the road, I used them incorrectly. For understanding of this. . . my version of incorrectly comes no where near what I read and read fomr boards. I was back and forth with all kinds of doctors and went to who every my primary said to see. The last and final doctor who is a surgon, extermly well known, did not like that I was on percocet and immideatly took me off and placed me on Oxycontin, again 10mg 60 a month as well as Hydrocodone 5/500 60 a month. This Jan was my 3 refile with the new meds. Thats my narcotic history. As for past meds and current. . . this as follows
Lexapro until June 2007
Welbutrin from June 2007 untl November 2007
Adderall from June 2007, to current
IB's 800 mg tabs, didnt take one every day, but when really really bad
Percocet 512 5/325 from June 2005 to November 2007 60 a month
Oxycontin December to current, 10mg 60 a month
Hydrocodone 5/500 December to current 60 a month
Flonase, nose spray, 3 spray every morning, use when needed
Albuteral inhailer, use as needed, started when I was in 5th grade, to current
Prevecide, for heartburn, possibly 50mg tab, once daily, maybe 3 years now, to current
One a day mens formula, one time per day. Started at age 19 to current, missed very few days, I cant stand to not take my vitamin. I did try Source Naturals about a month ago, regular, no iron, but went back to one a day
1 500mg tablit vitamin c, when I remember that one, about twice a week.
Lyrica, I think 75 mg, took only for one month because I got dizzy, could not think
Gabapentin, do not remember dose, took again for a short time due to dizzyness, foggy head, similar to how Oxy is now for me (a bit diff though) got of Gaba too
These narcotics I have had been prescribed small doeses either in the hospital or leaving from there
Fent patch
Gosh, that's it I think. LOL
OK, two things that concern me...1: the menengitis and 2: the adderall. Your liver and kidneys do not really raise any red flags at this point but it doesn't hurt to check.
I must ask excactly why you are taking adderall?
Menengitis is serious, and to have a few bouts with it makes me wonder. But Drs. released you so i presume you are well now. however, as with any major disease, it affects your immune system. your body takes time (sometimes months) to return to normal. this being said, it is not a real stretch to assume that the oxy might be a bit overwhelming on your weakened body. Even though you had no side-affects before, you must remember that your body has gone through a trauma. It takes time to return to your normal state. i truly think that this just might be it. Also the adderall added to opiate therapy can definetely be a factor. These two drugs are competing with one another and are two heavy duty drugs....both addictive and both habit forming. I'm assuming that your Dr. prescribed both? Why?