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keltokel you're absolutely right. your son probably is learning to hit from the other kids he is around. i wasn't very clear about that in my post..... i have ADD and am off my adderall right now (pregnant!) so i tend to think way faster than i can type! what i was meaning is that toddlers are going to hit. a lot of times it is instinctive, but yes, they learn it from the kids they are around too. my point was, don't feel bad about it, because if he didn't learn it from the playgroup kids, he'd still eventually figure it out. and no, not all boys are rough like that, but i do think most go through a hitting phase that starts somewhere in the toddler age (girls too!). not to say you should just accept it and let him hit! definitely try to put a stop to it! :)

anyway, hope that made sense!

it's funny because just today my 2 year old hit my 4 year old for the first time and my 4 year old was so shocked and had her feelings so hurt! so i had to remember all my own advice and i put the 2 year old in time out and you would have thought it was the end of the world! :)