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does anyone know if large doses of tetracycline (1000 to 1500mg daily for Lyme Disease) could cause weight gain or fluid retention?

I also take Adderall (25 - 45 mg daily), spironoloactone (50mg daily) and Prilosec (20mg daily).

I can't figure out why the sudden weight gain. I've been taking Adderall since June and actually lost about 8 pounds, and Prilosec since Dec. The spiro and tetra are both recent, and so is the weight gain. I wonder if one of these, or a combo of the two, is causing it? Spiro is a diuretic (I take it for acne but it's a drug used to lower blood pressure), and tetra is supposed to have anti-inflammatory qualities, so any idea why I'd be gaining weight?

I did read that it inhibits protein synthesis, but I'm not sure what that means for weight. Does it mean I'm storing more protein as fat?