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I am in a lot of trouble and can't afford to be mid-semester. I have been dealing with these symptoms since around 2000 but they have just recently gotten a lot worse (to where I had to take an INC in all 4 of my classes last semester). Please let me know if you can help me in finding a doctor in the PA-NJ-NY area. Thank you.

I am obviously new to these boards. I have recently run into quite a dilemma but I just read one of your posts and was praying you could help. I am a young man (26) and have been recently seeing a doctor my professor recommended for some chronic pain I’ve been having for about 6 or 7 years now. Without typing every single detail, I have been dealing with a marked increase in the pain in my neck for a couple of months now. The doctor has been prescribing 10mg Endocet. More than a month ago when I last saw him he asked me how much I was taking. I told him the truth which was 6-8 a day. I also said that I thought that that may be too much and so he asked me how many hours I am up a day. Being a chemistry major, I am often up for 16, 17+ hours a day so he told me that the amount was okay. Therein lays the key to the story. He was writing 100 at a time and so a couple of weeks later I left a letter requesting him to write another refill as I still needed to get my second MRI done and I also asked him if he could write for Roxicodone (15mg) instead of Endocet because the Roxicodone was 50% less(I don’t have insurance). Two days went by and I didn’t hear anything from him and I knew I would run out (which I stated in the letter) over the weekend. I had never gone through withdrawal before but had been reading up on the medication and possible side-effects (as a chemistry student I am certainly interested in what I am putting into my body and the mechanism behind how it works)and needless to say I was terribly freighted at the symptoms I was facing. Friday came along and he didn’t call so I called in the early afternoon and was told to wait for a call back to no avail. I then called about a half-hour before the office called and was told the doc would be working after hours to catch up and that I would be getting a phone call from him. I waited until 6 pm and then decided to page him because at this point I was beginning to develop a really bad feeling at what was about to happen. I didn’t get a call back. I then tried one last time at around 9 p.m. This time I got a call back from the doc. The doctor was upset was and telling me how he thought I was “overusing the meds” and not following his instructions (even though it said I could take 1-2 every four hours as needed). So the doc wrote the prescription but I had to wait the entire weekend to pick it up because they were closed and he chose to ignore how sick I was about to become. I got the prescription, filled it, and got my MRI done the following week (this week) like I told him I would. I still have yet to hear back from the office regarding the results of the MRI. However, I just opened a letter last night stating that he has dropped me as a patient from his practice citing “taking too many narcotic pain medications” as his reason and he urged me to find a doctor as soon as possible. He also prescribes Adderall for my ADD. So he has left me stranded facing withdrawal from two medications (thankfully I have an extra script for the Adderall) without any warning. I know you don’t know me or if you can trust me but I am in a really sticky situation here and was hoping you could recommend a doctor that may be sympathetic to my story. I have never been turned away from any other doctors. I have lived with the pain for a long time but it has just recently begun to interfere with my life (i.e. my studies). Even a doctor that will at least wean me off the medications would be fine at this point. I just really do not want to go through that agony again as the pain is bad enough. I apologize for the length as well as for the immediate request of a favor from someone you don’t even know. Thanks for your time.