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If it's ok, I'm going to comment on several different related posts in this thread:

(1) Re: the nasal spray(s)...I've read where there are a couple in clinical trials...One is actually fentanyl if you can believe it. I think the main issue with nasal sprays is that there is much more abuse potential (in general). The highest abuse methods are either snorting or IV....Due to the intense high they both produce. Thus, any delivery system incorporating a spray is going to be tough.

(2) LA Hydrocodone- Definitely a need, IMO. But, I think one of the hang ups is the overall potency of the drug, or lack thereof. Have you ever noticed how big a 5mg or Vicoden or Lortab is? A Lortab + or Lorcet + is HUGE. Granted, they are packed with Tylenol, but you need a lot of hydro due to it's lack of potency. All LA meds are usually 12 hours, so I'm thinking it would have to be a horse pill. Also, companies haven't put a lot of research into this area because those who need that kind of pain relief, have plenty of option available already. Hydrocodone was really developed as an alternative to Codeine. Codeine has many side effects and because Hydro is a synthetic drug, many of those side effects are eliminated (nausea, hangover, & etc.). As someone mentioned, Hydrocodone has become one of the most prescribed drugs in the world. It really is the first line of defense in the battle of pain mgt.

(3) I think the biggest thing coming down the pipeline is in the area of abuse prevention. As Aranger mentioned, there are lots of experiments with developing other agents into meds to reduce the effects of abuse. For example, a very small company called "New River Pharmaceuticals" recently sold itself to "Shire" for $2.6B. New River has developed an abuse reduced alternative to Adderall XR, called Vyvanse. Shire's Adderall's patent is set to expire in 2009 and this is one of the main reasons they purchased New River. New River is also working on an abuse free Oxycontin product.