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Dear Brian,

With my utmost sincerity, I greatly appreciate your honesty here. I wanted to know this information to try to understand the connections in medications. Please know that I have no interest, whatsoever, in "slamming" you.

Brian, you have come full-circle and walk a very tight rope here. For me, I greatly admire the progress you've made! Plus, you are being very careful in not regressing!

Would any of the ADHD medications like Ritalin, Adderall, or Concerta be helpful? They do make them in small doses that can be tolerated. Bluntly, here's where my complete ignorance enters. How do these relate to the street drug you mentioned? I simply don't know. Perhaps you already know, or some of our resident "chemists" know!

This is interesting to me, to say the least!

Sincerely and know that you are still being remembered daily,
Jon (Conductor)
Brian, My client takes provigil. She is in her 70's & is chronically tired. I believe it is from all the meds she takes for alzteimers. Interesting to see the provigil come up in converstaion. She says it does nothing for her, but with the alzteimers it is hard to tell. I know when her doctor put her on it she said it was a pretty safe drug, given her age & health issues, then again her doctor said her meds were not causing her to be so tired & four of the meds say "may cause drowsiness" go figure. Is provigil a stimulant? I don't know much about it.
I have taken adderall for ADHD when I went back to school a couple times. Of course for me it calms me down, major difference for studying. People noticed right off the get go that I was different. Now my husbands co worker was curious because the put his son on it for ADHD & tried a half one, he was zooming around, scared him & his wife had to call the doctor, which of course he got yelled at for. Was told it will do the opposite if you are not ADD/ADHD. My daughter has been on several over the years & she is like me calms her right down. I am worried because she is 21 & her doc put her back on the adderral after the holidays for work & school but she can't seem to get by with out it. It can really make you moody. But I have heard of people taking these kinds of meds for energy. I don't like taking any of them. Did cause me to get alittle on the moody side, but major difference with your ability to focus when you have ADD/ADHD. Just be careful no matter what you try. Sorry got alittle off track there. Sammy