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I get very confused with Oahu. My husband's one sister lives in Ewa Beach (kind of your neck of the woods?), one lives at Ko'Ilina, one lives in Honolulu and his brother lives over the mountain (my mind has gone blank). My husband grew up in Honolulu and graduated from McKinley HS. I think I've been to Pearlridge before. No doubt, since my idea of Hawaii is beach, shop, and tons of good eating with the family. I'm about 1 hour from Detroit. Small world. :) I grew up in Michigan (born in Florida). My husband has been in Michigan for 25 years now. We like to get to Hawaii to visit the family every 2 or 3 years. We are due for a trip.

I made it through my first night without drugs last night!!! Ah ha, turning 50 is good for something. :) My birthday present to me, I guess!!!! I was on some sort of short term cortisone for nerve pain, which seems to have done the trick. My mom is on neurontin, and not happy about it. I'm still on the advair, and need to remember to ask my surgeon next week, if this a good idea (the advair is new as of last week.......one thing after another).