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My daughter is 6. She has allergic asthma and has been taking singulair and Advair for several months now. She also has an Albuterol inhaler for attacks and we use Xopenex in her nebulizer when needed. It HAS worked for her. She takes 5mg singulair once a day. The Advair is 250/50. We tried to go down to every other day on the singulair but she immediatly started with her cough and so we went back to everyday and it cleared up.....

Did the doc do any tests? My daughters doc did allergy test and pulmonary function tests. She was allergic to Oak, Pine, Red Cedar, a mix of grasses and a few weeds......... Her pulmonary function tests were not to bad but after giving her a nebulizer treatment her scores improved by 12% which indicates asthma. If you think it IS allergic asthma.....ask for allergy tests. My daughter didn't even cry. It was fast and painless.

We have been pleased with the singulair/advair combination for her treatment and haven't seen any side effects. When she first started she was having headaches but she also had a sinus infection. The headaches have gone away after a round of antibiotics for the infection so I believe it was NOT from the meds but the infection. I hope the Singulair helps your son.