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hi... was just "popping" over like baxter suggested, and i thought i would give an update to see if anybody on the board understands my problem NOW...haha :) anyways, i've been treated twice by my osteopath, and its...interesting...its loosened up my neck, i can now roll it all around without getting "stuck", and i have been able to crack my neck and spine more recently :) i know, you guys all probably think thats bad, but i've been cracking my back ever since i started acrobat...

anyways, now my shoulder clicks and cracks alot, which never happened before (my right one), i still have limited mobility in lower back, and my pelvis is still "torqued"...so, thats the update...oh, and yesterday when i was with the osteopath, she was feeling around my neck, and my calves and the whole outside part of both ares, down to the fingertip, became numb...i don't think its a problem, cause my mom said the same thing happened to her (well, actually she started seeing those "stars", but anyways...just an update...anyone got any ideas??? thanks!


Thought This Might Be of Use...Since Alot of Others Have It:

August 1999: diagnosed with GERD and IBS...put on zantac, then aciphex
Spring 2000: diagnosed with TMJ...have lower splint
September 2000: hospitalized for failure to thrive due to malnutrition and dehydration; fed with ng tube for 3 months, put on prilosec
2001-02: developed chronic sinusitis/rhinitis from NG tube, put on nasonex and allegra
January 2002: switched GI's, diagnosed with hiatal hernia, switched to nexium, added peppermint oil, put on bentyl PRN for pain, zoloft for nausa
March 2003: IBS getting worse, switched PRN bentyl to BID levbid ER
May 2003: diagnosed with asthma from GERD, put on advair and singulair, albuterol PRN
May 2003: back pain and limited mobility, caused by 2002 car accident and dance injury, unidentified
April-June 2003: minor ear irritation and hearing problems, and extra sinus swelling, unidentified
May-June 2003: heartburn recurring even with meds!