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Well- he has done a 5 day series of prednisone 3 different times since last November. The last time was end of April. My pharmiscist told me that wasn't a side effect of Prednisone. As far as respiratory - yes he has had tons of probs. He was having to do Advair discus 2xdaily, xeponex neb as needed for cough sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, singulair1x daily,nasonex 1xdaily, Icar {iron} 1tablespoondaily, antibiotic of the week 2xdaily. When he was doing Albuterol in his neb. He would act so strange afterwards, heart pounding , but he would go to sleep immediatley afterward. Changed him to xeponex and if he does that on a reg basis, he starts this rapid eye blinking that is very rapid , but it stops as soon as I stop using the neb. They have figured out his respiratory problems are from severe , chronic sinus infections. But his hair is coming out as you described, for months it was some on the pillow in the mornings, now it seems to be when you wash his hair, the bathtub is just full of it too. My pediatrician, was like-"he looks great to me". So I'm at the point if he starts to look bald, they will have to find out something. You can't really tell right now by just looking at him.