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I don't know if anyone remembers when I first posted on this board,because it's been so long ago....but...anyways...

I have had severe back problems after an accident in which I found out I had degenerative disc disorder.This occurred in 1996.

Following the pedicle screw surgery implementation,I recovered enough to resume my life.Unfortunately,I found myself slowing down.Like anyone else,I tried to ignore it.

Years later,my slow reaction time led to another accident,this time in 2001.Since then, recovery ( if you could actually call it that ) has been very slow.

Lately I've had new symptoms,including a burning sensation followed by numbness down the left side of my leg.I've also experienced muscle spasms in my hands I can not explain,and my back is really hurting badly at times,the same burning sensation I feel in my left side.

The last thing that happened caught my attention immediately : it seems my left little toe is slightly numb,and does not have the muscle response time it should.

Here's what I want to know : Has any of you known,or have yourselves experienced something like this ? It's confusing and scary all at the same time,because I know those who have had strokes and had something similar to this occur.I also just started taking advair for my asthma ( that came back after 17 years,joy of joys ) ,and I wonder if I had some sort of reaction ?

I wonder if one of my screws might have came loose and has caused some sort of nerve damage. :(

I've had so much happen to me lately,and with no insurance I'm at wits end,and extremely worried.Can anyone help me ? Also,how do you go about filing disability ? How do you get medcaid or help with medical bills ?

Thank You All in advance - and may God Bless You.

- Gary