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I went to the ER at 4 this morning. I was wheezing and my pulse was 115 lying down with no exertion. Fever was 102.8. Turns out I have acute bronchitis and a spastic brochial tube. They gave me 2 breathing treatmenta, took chest x-rays and blood. I have 4 more scrips. Albuterol, prednisone, an antibiotic and I forgot the other one. The doctor was going to keep me there but I have no insurance so he let me go home with a promise that if I start feeling worse, I'll go back. I can sleep better at home anyway.
Thanks so much for your concern. I'll tell you I was in so much pain last night. My chest still hurts. I just hope I start feeling better really soon.
I think my husband's going to have to take my son to the doctor today. He's sick too.
Thanks again. You guys are great!
Well, it's 8am and still no sleep. Coughing all the time. The albuterol works for a little while but not long at all. Keeps me from choking to death though. So here I am getting ready to go to the ER again. Fever's back up to 102.5 now. My ribs and throat hurt so bad. And the chest pain's coming back too. So it may be a while before I check in with you guys. I'm waiting for my dh to get home from work to take me to the hospital. I still haven't taken my levothyroxine (lost it and don't have the energy to find it) so I guess I may be going into severe hypo again.
I'll post here again as soon as I feel better. Until then, wish me luck.