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Hello all, Looking to get some advice!

I have been having this problem for like 5 months. Here is what happens- in the morning at waking ONE of my nostrils is FULLY stuffed. NO air will pass through it at all! I try to blow it to clean it, and NOTHING! It will not let anything out of it- its like the mucus has formed a dry plug. Then during the day (or with a certain head position on my pillow in the AM-sheesh), it clears up.. for awhile. Then, out of the blue, One or both nostrils will plug up, then unplug- sometimes within 5 or so minutes. This is at various places, at differnt times- it is so hard to isolate! \

At times, when my nostril(s) is unplugged, I feel like I am breathing in literally TONS Of air, and I think it is getting me dizzy. I can literally breathe through my nose with ZERO resistance whatsoever- like my nose isnt even there! Then- it plugs up- again. It feels like my nose has ZERO moisture in it- I just cant seem to blow it when it plugs up. It bled a little yesterday...could this be from inside or outside dry air? Could dry air or something else be causing this super congested nose that refuses to be blown :p? It is REALLY irritating- seems to be worse in the morning and afternoon, isnt so bad in the evening.

I will try to compensate for the plugged nose by breathing through my mouth. I am NOT used to breathing through my mouth, so needless to say this is not easy, and has been causing me a great deal of anxiety. Like my nose, I will get this feeling of unrestricted breathing- like I am taking in TONS Of air. I explained this to an asthma doc, and he put me on Advair. It did do me some good, but off or on the Advair, I can blow a 800 on the peak flow, so we have ruled out asthma. I havent taken the Advair for 3 months or so, and my peak flows havent changed at all. I have been on Albuterol for this in the early stages, which helped a little, but havent taken that in 4 months or so, and am not having "typical" asthmatic symptoms. I almost get the feeling that I am not breathing at all sometimes! There is such a lack of "restriction"!

Also- I feel like my mind is wandering or in a fog. Allergies causing that too?! I've never heard of it.. Sometimes I feel forgetful, or like a robot. That is the part that is the worst of all this JUNK.

I also get a feeling of PRESSURE in my ears. They have been looked at, and are said to be "clear". BUT They sure dont feel that way!

Could this be allergy, asthma or sinus related? I have been debating on going to back to the allergy/asthma doc I have seen. SOme days are worse than others- that is why I havent gone back yet. I just dont want to go through the allergy testing if I dont have to :(. I live in a pretty arid environment, moved from a mountainous area. Dry air, something airborne? Anybody have any ideas?! thanks for any help!

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