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Both of my kids have done this. My oldest started at 3 mos and it was projectile vomit...he could hit you a foot away at times. And like yours, no warning. One minute they're sleeping or playing the next minute they're puking and it's coming out of their nose too!!! I had him in to the doc about 4-8 times a month freaking out.
They told me it was a stomach bug.....ONE THAT LASTS 13MOS?!?!?! I finally went in the middle of the night after he puked non-stop and seemed to have a phlegmy sound in the back of his throat. I was sooo glad I did. The doc on that night was from Primary Children's Hospital and had seen this many times before. It was a toss up between reactive airway disease or illness induced asthma...same response, pretty much same cause, different names.
She said the mucous was being pushed up by a swelling in the (I want to say alvioli, but not sure) which pushed up the mucous that's normally in the lungs as a protectant. This was THICK and he couldn't get it out of the back of his throat and occasionally what would drain into his stomach, thus the puking.
He also would catch just about any respiratory virus out there and with in a short amount of time it would turn into pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, etc. He was started on Albuterol liquid at 14mos old, it made him jittery and crabby but helped. He eventually went to a nebulizer and inhaler. This went on until he was 5 yrs old. At one point while I was still working, over an 8 wk period he had one thing after another, it's called piggy backing. The immune system is down so other opportunistic diseases hit.
We finally got it under control by using Flovent (more a preventative inhaler, albuterol as a rescue inhaler) and some herbs to fight bugs. After I kept him healthy for a few months the scar tissue in the lungs started to heal and he began "growing" out of it. He is now 9 and occasionally has some coughing spells but hasn't been to the pediatrician for being sick since the end of kindergarten.
Some things you can do are put a couple books or something sturdy under the headboard of the bed to help the congestion, run a cool mist humidifier, a warm bath using vapor bath, take anti-bacterial wipes when you leave the house (especially shopping and wipe down the cart where they put their hands...lots of germs) keep any kid with a runny nose out of your house if possible and use a decongestant w/ an expectorant. They don't suggest anything w/ a cough suppresant because they need to be able to cough to get some of it out. You can give a suppresant if it's interfering w/ their night time sleep so bad they aren't resting...they need the rest to feel better.
The problem is when they are this young, they can't test them and most just chalk it up to being a paranoid mom. If your child is like mine, don't be scared. Although frustrating as h***, not life threatening. You can also get a stethoscope and have your pediatrician teach you how to use it. My son was never a weezer....just a cougher...but the stethoscope put me at ease because I could hear the weeze and new he still needed the broncodialators.
Hope this helped a bit. Let me know if they seem to fit.