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About a year ago I was diagnosed with Asthma, and was put on Advair 150/50, with Max Air as needed. For the most part this helped to alleviate my shortness of breath, but I was not 100% when exercising (I've lifted weights and done cardiovascular exercise for over 12 years).

I am currently recovering from my second case of upper respiratory and secondary sinus infection (my first case was about two months ago). I've been told that the cold Colorado air and my lack of rest may have contributed to my getting these infections. My doctor increased by dosage of Advair to 250/50 and changed me to Albuterol to help. Anyone else out there had this problem? Any suggestions? It's taken me a couple of weeks each time to recover, and curious if there's anything else I should be doing to try to make sure I don't get these infections anymore.