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Hi Bonnie! The way it was described to me by the doctor who did my sleep study is that I was moving my legs quite a bit and that was interfering with my REM sleep. I'll bet you're legs are actually moving a lot more than you realize and that's what's causing your lack of sleep. You have so many problems now. I wish there were something I could say. I've read some of your posts on the other topic and wanted to let you know you're in my prayers.
I saw my doctor yesterday. She did a urinalysis and found that I have a UTI. First one I ever had. I guess that accounts for the ahem "accidents" and the burning sensation. I finally found out that my almighty TSH they did in March was "OK". It was 4.7 which I am actually happy with right now concidering my TSH in January was 32.7. And I'm feeling better than I have in a LONG time as far as the thyroid symptoms go. My doctor is thinking I have asthma now too. Either that or chronic bronchitis but most likely asthma. She heard me cough my loud, deep cough and asked how long I've had it. "Oh over a year". She put me on Albuterol and Advair and wants to see me in a month.
Bonnie, I hope you don't mind me asking here (and if you do, I'm so sooooo sorry!) but when is you surgery? I will, as always, continue to keep you in my prayers. And I'll say a special one for you on that day.