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annarayne~ I had the same thing you had seriously. I have the deep almost what I like to call the "smokers cough" even though I don't smoke. I knew that I had a mild asthma brought on by allergies but last May I had a really bad astma attack and was sent to an Allergist again who did some pulmonary function test and found that my asthma was severe and that my breathing was only in the 60% range. Is there a possibility of you being asthmatic? That is where my cough came from It was so bad that I would get the ache in my chest and cough up the blood. However that has been under control because they put me on advair,albuterol,singulair and prednisone. I still would have the primary md check the tonsils and see if u need to see an ENT. Well I hope that I have been a little helpful any other questions you need answered please feel free to ask!
m76sam~ I don't think any of us are trying to act like Dr's I just think we are trying to be helpful and tell her what we think based on our own personal experiences. As for you you would probably be unable to really help your Ill mother for atleast 5 days following a tonsillectomy. So you may want to consider that. I am sorry to hear that your mother is Ill.
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Thanks for your post. That's funny about your bra - do you actually have room in there? I don't actually have a cough - just the vibration in my chest when i talk - weird - i had it before i had my tonsils out too as one of my symptoms. I also have asthma, but have not had many attacks surprisingly since i've been sick - it's like the throat thing just took over! It's amazing the different advice we all get. I live in Australia and was told to eat rough food as soon as possible, so i did so on the day after my op and although it hurt heaps, i made myself eat things like potato chips every day. The theory is that it scratches away the scab bit by bit and less chance of bleeding. The theory worked for me - I had no bleeding whatsover.

I'm annoyed that i'm not 100% considering my ENT said i'd be fine after two weeks - yeah right! ....i wish....

Kristi32~ I have some room as I have a big chest but dont really have cleavage so I stick it where I should have cleavage. I started eating solid foods shortly after surgery. 4 days after Surgery I had Lasagna and Italian Sausage,Potatochips,Chineese food ect. I thought eating all that would make my scabs fall off but as you can see from my earlier post I maybe only lost 20% of my scabs ( according to my Ent)...you will start to feel 100% I am not at 100% and just made 3 weeks post-op yesterday. I too have asthma I have it pretty bad as I take prednisone,Advair and Albuterol. I didn't get the vibration in the chest area at first as I was on Prednisone following the Surgery and that kept the coughing under control but after running out of prednisone I got the vibration and now I notice I will get it if I talk alot too. Well Hope you start to feel better soon it does take a lil more than 2 weeks so hang in there!