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Does she take albuterol through a nebulizer? How many times a day? Albuterol is known for causing shaking - for me, the shaking is unbearable. There is an alternative to albuterol called Xopenex. Xopenex is albuterol without the side effects. You should ask the doctor about switching to it.
She takes albuterol 2 x-4 x a day when she has pneumonia or a viral infection with the pulmicort added 1x day when needed. She hasn't had it since Saturday though. The tremors started on Thursday..still possible?
Albuterol caused shaking with me and my 18 month old.

Once I had a bad case of bronchitis and was on a steroid dosepack and woke up with horrible shakes every morning. I remember trying to eat peas, but I couldn't get them into my mouth with the spoon before I shook all the food off. It went away after I finished the steriods.

I would be inclined to think one of those meds could be the culprit.