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Any help will be MUCH appreciated. My 2.5 year old son has had pneumonia 3 times and seems constantly sick. He had a ton of ear infections then got tubes. He's been on way too many antibiotics already.

Last month he was admitted to Childrens for a week with pneumonia. He had a Cystic Fibrosis test and an immune deficiency test ... both negetative. He was on TOO many drugs ... inhaled and oral steroids, and two different antibiotics and Albuterol. He looked terrible from the drugs alone.

Now he is getting sick again (fever, cough, labored breathing, tired, all came on at once). He is on inhaled Pulmocort now ... started yesterday. He has been on Albuterol thru a nebulizer.

My baby girl (just turned one) has had pneumonia twice. She has had 3 ear infections too.

What's causing this??? I have a 2/3 dirt floor in the basement. I bought a dehumidifier and put in the basement just incase. My wife is getting a mold test kit as I type. I'm ready to sell my house ... LITERALLY. We're beside ourselves here. Don't know what else to do ... where to turn.