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Yeah, I do it all. Irrigation, humidity, dehumidity, saline spray, more fluids than any person should be able to consume... lol.

I'm on singulair, zyrtec, nasocort, albuterol, pulmicort, ibuprofen, sudafed, guaifenesin, and they even prescribed famotadine (pepcid) since it blocks a receptor responsible for histamine production in addition to its antacid effects. Basically everything short of prednisone, which has worked to great effect in the past.

Oh, see, an otolaryngologist once told me they couldn't prescribe antibiotics because they "weren't my doctor." I guess what he meant was "wouldn't," not "couldn't." lol

So provided I can hold out until the 9th (I'll run out of these on the 3rd if they give me one more week) maybe the immunologist will listen to me and prescribe something a little less first or second line-ish.

Interesting side note: macrolides like erythromycin and clarithromycin tend to work better on me. So I did some research, and even though they aren't as effective as other things a doctor would tend to prescribe instead of those (at least in the case of sinusitis), there is a mucoregulatory effect that they are only now beginning to document in any sort of comprehensive way, brought about by macrolide treatment. Apparently it impacts ciliary function, and reduces the density of secretions, completely independent from it's antibiotic effects (i.e. the latter doesn't cause thr former - they aren't sure what does, yet).