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Hi lcweid,
I'm the one from the other board - I just wanted to let you know I've been having some similar symptoms with regard to chest pain - the way you describe it, is exactly what I've been having. I had an echocardiogram and a pulmonary function test. There was a little damage in my heart from high blood pressure and they found I have asthma. They gave my albuterol but I was still having symptoms and my pulse got really high this past week. I asked for a beta-blocker yesterday and am so glad I did - it's helping a lot today. I do have anxiety and panic attacks, but the meds for that weren't helping the chest pain and shortness of breath I've been having lately. I have thyroid nodules, diagnosed using ultrasound two years ago. Despite these, my blood tests for thyroid were always "normal". But those nodules sure made me sick. I am currently taking 100 mcg of synthroid a day. I am better but not everything is better - but I have other issues too so it's hard to separate. I tried the cymbalta for depression - unfortunately I did not lose weight - I gained a mass amount but that was probably due to stopping another med. But the side effects were too much for me. I used to do well on SSRIs until I developed thyroid problems. Since then SSRIs have not worked anymore.
Also I did the barium swallow test and it came back normal even though I felt I was choking all the time. I was also put on acid reflux meds and between them and the fact that my nodules did finally shrink I seem to finally be free of the choking feeling - now to get rid of the suffocating feeling! Anyway, don't know if any of this helps - but you will find lots of good info on this board - great folks here....
Best wishes,