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Hey guys last night i went to he ER because I have not been eating solid foods for 2 months now, I went to the ER last night I went because of the have had difficulty swallowing and my blood pressure was very low and I had a high pulse/chest pains etc..ever since I have been put on a nebulizer, my throat gets tight, i almost choked on meat and from there on I havent been able to eat solid foods,, and i finally figured out its the albuterol in the nebulizer causing it..

I have been scared of eating and also since I have continued to use it it has not improved, but it was certainly better than it is today anyway and they went ahead and gave me a breathing treatment with pulmicort, and another kind fo inhaler i never used before and now I feel a knot in my throat when i swallow, it feel so uncomfortable how long will this last, it feels like something is stuck there when i swallow, this is just how it felt when I first used albuterol, its similar to that feeling you get when you drink alot of milk, like something is stuck in there, yet there is nothing, no mucus, what can i do for this,

i will see a new pulmonary specialist to helpme out with this, but meanwhile i am not sure if my throat is maybe inflamed from the 2 treatments they gave me back to back, anyway advice on how long this can last, i am so desperate that feeling is horrible since the swallowing is so slow, and all I can drink is ensure till this resolves, and i am going crazy.. any advice on remedies or meds to take would be appreciated Thanks and sorry for the long post