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I am a 20 year old and I deem myself to be in pretty good shape. I have had breathing difficulty for years and none of the doctors that I have seen have been able to fix whatever is wrong. I have been on singulair, advair, albuterol. Recently, Paxil has been recommended to me. I have no idea what is going on with me but here are some of my symptoms and most recent ongoings... fatigue/lethargy, neck/back/shoulder tightness and pain, constant feeling of needing to yawn in order to get a deep breath, then the need to burp on occassion right after i yawn, palpitations, i dont think i "textbook" hyperventilate which is what i am unsure about all of this, difficulty swallowing/feeling of choking (ive choked a bit sometimes during meals and i am unable to swallow...i wanted to catch what was happening one time so i went to emergency health services and was given a shot of benadryl. i dont actually know if it was an allergic reaction that specific instance), tightness in throat is related to the need to yawn (upper chest, right in between the clavicles, and in the adams apple region). it doesn't feel like there is anything stuck in my throat but my main complaint is that it feels like there is pressure or constant tightness over those points i said in between the parentheses, sometimes when i do try and take a deep breath there is an immense pressure/pain in my chest right over the sternum or a little bit to the left of the sternum. i think mild asthma is all that i am sure that i have. the medicine for that helped a little bit in terms of opening my airways in my chest but i think there is something else going on. another thing that seems to help a little as well is resting a little bit. something that worries me is that my father recently had a congenital aortic valve defect surgically fixed/replaced. ive been diagnosed with hyperventilation syndrome, asthma, allergies, but nothing has really seemed to work. lastly, i have a deviated septum. im just listing everything i can think of because sometimes a lot of medical problems may tie together. if there is anything that ive forgotten i will post it in order to get as much input here as possible. this is very frustrating not being able to breathe correctly. happy new years everyone!