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So this is my first time visiting this board.. and I have this very randome pain in my tounge... its like I pulled the muscle in it.. it hurts the most towards the back, and the pain is worst when I swollow and when I cough (which i have been doing lately) I cant seem to find anything about tounge pain, except on biting, and on Riboflavin Defic.... Which I dont think is it.

Im currently not taking any vitamins, and am on Azmacort and Albuterol for Asthma. I went off both for about two week because I had the flu, and they seemed to make me worse.. I started coughing bad a few days ago,a nd started up the Azmacort the other day, and it seemed thats when the pain started...

my mom thinks i "sprianed" it, hacking all night, but I dont know, Im kinda scared!