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I've been to the ER here 3 times... (not for this though) the 3 times was over the last 4 or so years.... So, I know they wont do anything for this. They keep bugging me to pay a lump sum for my bill but I can only make payments. Anyway, here's how the last trip to ER went:
checked in, they listened to my chest & back, felt of my neck asked me how I felt. I told them I think I have some sort of lung infection but they didn't check for it or do any tests at all. That was it. She said, I'd do an x-ray but I don't want to run up your bill. She said, she has seen this all before and that I "probably" have bronchitis (sp?) and then she gave me prescription for amoxicilian & albuterol inhaler.
Well, the amoxicillian didn't even put a dent in the lung problem but the inhaler did help me breathe better. After a month and 1/2 with a bad cough, etc., I went to the walk in clinic (urgent care center) and told them, listen, I need an x-ray and an ANSWER about what's up with my lungs), here's how much money I have, bla bla bla... They did the xray and turned out I had bacterial pneumonea the whole time and the amoxicillian I took was useless against it. They gave me a sulfa based antibiotic which did get rid of it. So, the ER's here treat me like crap because I don't have insurance. I live in Tennessee and from what I gather, there is no law that they have to "treat" you or even run tests. Just get you stable, tell you to see a GP and then boot you out the door.
This sucks because I do have enough money to pay for insurance every month but I do not have enough money to keep getting charged for nothing by all these local doctors. I was turned down when I applied for insurance so, I don't have a lot of options. I have went to Dr's many times trying to get things looked at. They all keep sending me to different doctors. I went to a neurologist too and he looked at my chart, saw I didn't have insurance and said, I think you're fine and don't worry, I wont charge you much for this visit. He hit my knee with a rubber thing, made me push his hands up, then down and wrote me a prescription for cellabrex (sp?). Why, I have no idea because it's not bone or joint pain that I'm having. He said, if I continue to have problems then see my GP. Sheesh! I keep getting the run around and all these visits here and there add up. If just one of these doctors would have just ran some real tests the first time, I could have paid for it by now instead of paying a bunch of different doctors for doing nothing but pretend they checked me out and send me on my way. Because of my symptoms, I feel I should have blood tests, thyroid tests, etc.... They tell me, keep taking the zoloft and it will all go away. Well, my anxiety has gone away but all these other things have not. A rash of blisters is not in my mind. My blood pressure staying low like that is not in my mind, etc..
I'm so tired of this. If I do turn out to have something diagnosed later that has caused me more problems due to not being diagnosed early enough then I'd love to just sue the crap out of every doctor that has pushed me out the door.
uuugggg.... :rolleyes:
My medical history is a minor neck problem (FHP) that was treated, a blood filled cyst on my ovary which was treated and the last couple years, anxiety w/panic attacks which is being treated too. Other than that, I've always been in good health. I don't know my true family history because I'm adopted.
I'll for sure try the powder though!!! :) Thanks for the info! I'd try anything at this point if I thought it would help.