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I'm new to these boards and don't even know where to begin. If I'm in the wrong board if someone could at least point me to which general topics I should be looking to post in I'd appreciate it.

3 days ago I started smelling this "antibiotic smell" that I can't explain. I'm NOT on antibiotics and haven't been for quite a while. This smell reminds me of when antibiotics pass through the urine.

The only meds I'm on are albuterol as needed, cromolyn sodium inhaler, benedryl and occasionally psuedophedrine (I haven't taken that in over a week).

I'm the only one that smells this so it must be coming from my person some how.

I've been pressure washing a house for the past 5 days, between rain showers, getting it ready for painting. The house seems to have a lot of mildew on the outside.

When I did a google search on "antibiotic smell" I got only one hit that even came close to a suggestion but was talking about chronic fatigue and blood in urine. I'm fat but haven't seen blood in my urine. Besides, I smell this even when I'm sitting down and I haven't been wetting myself :p

can anyone help or point me in the right direction? My family doctor has moved in with a bunch of obgyn docs and I don't feel like going there and haven't found a new doctor my limited budget can afford yet.