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well i've been on a "candida diet" for the last few wks and it has helped a lot. look it up. its basically no sugar and no yeast, mainly meat and vegetables. the bloating has gone way down. i've also started the nexium twice a day instead of once. also started albuterol and flovent..idk whether it is the diet or the 2 nexium a day thats been helping, but its been a big improvement. for the last wk, ive felt almost normal, no major sore throat or drip, and semi-normal breathing (shortness of breath/heavy breathing is my worst symptom by far)..idk what happenned, i didnt really do anything different, but last night the breathing started coming back again a little, shortness of breath/heavy feeling. sore throat a little today...i dont get it..im only 20. the cause has to be one of 3 things..you guys tell me what you think or which one it could possibly be...

1 - ending mid last summer, i stopped drinking heavily as well as stopped the antibiotic bactrim (for acne) i was getting bad headaches from the back of my neck. i stopped drinking because my hangovers were getting horrid and i didnt know why. coulda been the bactrim, or something else, idk. the last few ones lasted more than a day. forced me to stop drinking.. i drank way to much, was on bactrim one and off for a year, and lifted weights hardcore for 2-3 yrs, 4-5 days a wk, eating way too much (to gain muscle)...idk if any of that contributed. also wanna say that i did all the lifting with definite correct form... i shouldve stopped and thought of what the bactrim coulda been doing, if that contributed. but hey i was young and stupid..didnt treat my body well..didnt have any signs of reflux then though...

2 - i had a major tonsil infection last december. had mono(mononucleosis) during it. was in the hospital for a wk, didnt eat ANYTHING for almost 2 wks. lost 40-45 lbs in 1-2 wks. 155 lbs down to 115 lbs. my body sure used up a a LOT of the fat and muscle for nutrition to make up for not eating. my reflux symptoms started a month-month and a half after recovering

3 - before my reflux issues, i used to be a very stressed out and worrysome person since high school. a few wks after my surgery i was esp stressed out and anxious even more due to the surgery. if i didnt have the surgery i would of died because the infection didnt wanna go down on its own. i was very paranoid and stuff. had major lightheadedness issues, which i said to myself "i gotta take care of this myself." so i meditated, consious thinking, going outside more, appreciating things more, and just learning to relax..blood pressure was then better than ever after and i was a whole new person it seemed. big part of the stress was due to my acne issues, which are now gone, found a good topical product from a acne site. along with being stressed i would be in the bad habit of sucking in my gut (even though i didnt really have a big one) and breathing wrong, using my chest and not my diaghram. i was doing this for probably 2 yrs. half because of being stressed and half because of being a perfectionist with the weight lifting i was into. i took control of that as well when i took care of the stress. but still, my my reflux issues started soon after taking care of the stress. i read somewhere that your diaphram uses some of the same muscles as your LES valve down there that keeps the acid where it needs to be. im wondering if that had anything to do with it.

if you read my long post, please tell me what ya think..thx!