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Well the doctor ordered the bloodwork to be done stat. So i got an answer the very next day. All her bloodwork came back normal. Thank goodness. So now we just wait and see i guess. We are to go back in 4 weeks for a follow up visit. Her ped wanted to talk about how she is doing in these 4 weeks, look at the journal she wanted up to keep. Plus talk about the results of the bloodwork and see what we need to do from there. She is say that she could be stressed and have depression due to the struggles we are having at home right now. My husband is try to work 3 jobs and go to school full time. Plus trying to get a job with the State police. We are struggling with money and everything is very hard right now. We are both stressed. We had even at one point talked about sperating possible divorce. The docter said that even if we don't do any of this in front of her. She can still feel the tension and stress in us. So that it could be affecting her to the point she is stressed and depressed and that is why she isn't sleeping well and is tired all the time. At least i know what could be going on now. I don't know what is going to happen. I guess we will see what the doctor suggests at the next appointment. I really am feeling like a horrible mother. Like i am a failure as a motherI could have caused my 2 year old child to get depressed. She shouldn't be going through that at her age. How could i have let this happen. I will keep you updated. We go back in 4 weeks to see her ped and talk more about this issue. I will let you know what happens. She is doing ok. She is still tired all the time and right now she is very congested. Which is really bad for her since she has asthma. She just sounds horrible right now. So we has been getting her albuterol treatments lately to help with that. Oh yea the doctor also took her off the clartin thinking that was making her tired. I am not really sure that was causing her any problems. She has been on that for a year and hadn't had any problems until like a month and half ago. I took her off of it to see what happens. Feelbad Thanks so much for all you help and concern. I so appericate everything.