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My son gets the same thing around this time of year he is very allergic to environmental things ex: tree pollen , ragweed, mold etc. But both Dr's are right you have these allergies that progress into a sinus infection because of the constant mucus that no matter what drips down the back of your throat . I tend to get them as well always this time of year. My son is seeing an allergist and gets weekly shots that seems to help a bit he much less sinusy this year. But he also takes allergy meds prescribe by allergy doc singulair for asthma and allergies I know you said you don't have insurance at the moment but there are lots of programs out there that assist people in buying their meds if you can get a presciption than research these programs you'll be set but I think perhaps find an allergist in the city closest to you.

I had gotten tested several times in the past for allergies and nothing ever came of it anyway even when we had insurance because we couldn't afford the allergy shots then. My doctor doesn't seem to think much of them and doesn't see much improvement in his patients who do get them, but of course there are some people that they help. I don't use Singulair. Is that different from other inhalers? I use Pulmicort as a maintence inhaler and Albuterol (generic of Alupent) as an emergency inhaler. I use Nasonex nose spray and take Clarinex every day. I forgot to mention that I know about the available programs. I wouldn't be able to get my medicines without them. Thank goodness there's help out there for people like me and my husband who missed the boat in life and seem to be stuck in a state of indigence.

Yes, I hate that dripping down the back of my throat. I don't know which makes me more miserable, the sore throat, bad headache or feeling run down and even feverish sometimes. In a way I'm glad I don't have a job right now because I wouldn't feel like getting up for work. I almost feel like I have to have a job that's only half the year because I'm sick the rest of the year.