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I have a 1 yr old grand daughter I found out her father had givin her his albuterol last Feb when she was just 3 months old he had decided she had ashtma when I went off on him they left I was going to call child protective service on Monday to report it he took her on that same day and got her a script for it so I had no way of proving he had done that now they have moved and told the new doctor she was on it before she now has a heart mumur that the doctor can not figure out why at 1 she all the sudden has it could it be because of the albuterol should I tell the doctor of this situation?
Errr, methinks there's more to the story here. On a side note. DS has been on albuterol three times a day since he was a day or so old. I would hope that none of my family members would taken it upon themselves to call child protective service on us because they think they know better than our doctors.
My son has severe asthma and has been on albuterol since he was 6 months old (he's now 20 months old) and he has nothing wrong with his heart so I wouldn't assume it was due to the albuterol. Hopefully they find out what is wrong with her.
the reason I was going to call was that the initial albuterol was givin to her by her father for 3 weeks it was not ordered at that time by a doctor when I was told he was doing that I then told them I would report it only then did they take her to a doctor and get a script for it after I talked to a doctor in my area I was told that giving a child albuterol that did not need it the med it's self can cause wheezing and symtoms of asthma which could make the doctor think she had it at the time in other words her father was giving her his albuterol 2 or 3 times a week he did his own diagnoses ty for your reply
I agree. if the father suspected asthma he should have taken him to the doctor then, was the child having trouble breathing or what made him think she needed it? My daughter had to have a few treatments when she was very little, and they didn't bother her, but every child is different. If she has NEVER had a murmur before and now all of the sudden she has developed one, then she really needs to be seen by a cardiologist. Just to make sure everything is ok.

We as parents know our child better than anyone. but giving a child your medication (even if the doctor does prescribe it) is wrong, mainly just because of the different doses. They do albuterol on weight i am pretty sure. (for babies anyway) They have to have smaller amounts than us. Has he done anything else like this? There is a disease where parents do stuff to their children so they will get sick. I AM NOT BY ANY MEANS SUGGESTING THIS IS THE CASE HERE. I merely think he should be watched, and the doctor should talk to him about the importance of why you should not do this. That was one of the first things my mom taught me. Don't take anything anyone else gives you, especially medicines.

I am not saying that this father did something wrong. But this is not good, and someone needs to watch so he will be held accountable for his actions.

Sorry, I know this was not completly what you were asking. I got off on a tangent. As far as calling CP, you have to do what you think in your heart is right. When it comes to children and something like this always follow your gut feelings. If CP finds nothing then great, but if they do, at least then the child will be safe.

I guess since the doctor has since prescribed albuterol, that there must be a reason your grandchild is on it.
A heart murmur is actually an abnormal heart sound and may go undetected. It does not usually indicate a serious problem, however should be evaluated by a pediatric cardiologist to be on the safe side. A simple test called an echocardiogram is often ordered to evaluate whether there is something more significant going on. Albuterol does NOT cause a heart murmur. Does your grandchild have a history of coughing or a wheeze? How is the Albuterol being administered - by a nebulizer machine or an inhaler with an aerochamber device?