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I went to the Allergist/Asthma doctor this morning to test for food allergies. I think it was the scratch test. They pinched me with something on my back, 8 different times. It felt very uncomfortable and I would say a little painful. They also gave me 3 different injections on my arm.

I have been diagnosed with IBS, but feel that my symptoms which are mainly gas and stomach noises would have something to do with what I'm eating. I don't have eczema, hives, rashes, etc...

The results: I think this is based on a 0-3 scale.

Histamine: 3
Coackroach: 3
Mt. Cedar: 3
Marsh Elder 2
Russian Thistle: 2
Red Root Pigweed: 2
Johnson Grass: 2
Histamine: 3

Penicillium: 2
Aleternaria: 2
Hormodenrum: 2
HouseDust Mite: 2
Histamine: 3

Citrus: 2
Histamine: 3

Mulberry: 2
Pecan: 2
Sycamore: 2
Hackberry: 2
Histamine: 3

Ragweed: 3
Giant Ragweed: 3
Histamine: 3

Shell Fish Mix: 2
Peanut: 2+

He also said that I did 36% on a breathing test, and kept asking me if I were asthmatic, if I ever get shortness of breath, etc.. I told him that I felt fine and don't have shortness of breath or chest wheezing. He then gave me an inhaler and I took one puff and did the breathing test again. This time, he said it was 100%.

I did have a slight case of asthma when I was a little girl, but then, I grew out of it. He tends to think that I still have a mild case of asthma and gave me an inhaler( albuterol sulfate).

My questions are:

Could having a slight allergic reaction to citrus, shell fish mix, and peanuts cause my stomach noises and gas?

Could I have mild case of asthma and don't know it?

Should I stay away from citrus, shell fish mix, and peanuts, even if, I don't see them causing any anaphalatic (sp) reactions? Could they be irritating the gut lining of my intestinal tract?

Should I mention these mild allergy reactions to doctors when they ask if I have any allergies?

Also, What is histamine? I kept testing positive for histamine in each section of the test.

He also said for me to keep a food diary and come back in 3 weeks to do a blood test.

Sorry so long, and thanks in advance.