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Do you know what probiotics are? I've read your post and it looks as though you are taking ANTI-biotics, which basically kill all the bacteria in your gut.

F.Y.I. : 70% of the human immune system is located in the intestinal tract. You need to eat food that has GOOD bacteria in it, to get your immune system back on track ! Any type of yogurt would be a good start for you.

Here in the U.S. a product came out called " DanActive "(by Dannon)... it has about 10 times more the active cultures than yogurt does.

I suffered with asthma, allergies, colds, fevers MOST of my life. Allergy shots, albuterol ihalers, and decongestants all have helped, but have helped only to the degree that I had to use them on almost regular DAILY basis.

Since I have been drinking DanActive probiotic drink every day, I have ZERO need for inhalers and don't suffer from any allergies any more. On top of this, it has totally stopped my acid reflux issues and has made my arthitis almost unoticable.

Everything thing I have mentioned above to you is related to immune system issues. I never knew ANYTHING about where the immune system was located in my body or knew that it could be FED healthy stuff. Again , 70% of the immune system is located in your intestinal tract. The other 30 % is split up in our lymph nodes and our lungs.

It's a FACT that when you feed your intestines GOOD bacteria that it will eventually get to your lungs and lymph nodes too.

Do your self a favor, search the internet for specifics, like " Probiotics and asthma" Probiotics and immune function" "Probiotics and allergies"

...And you can take your meds and use probiotics too. I'll BET the probitics work BETTER though !

To your recovery !


thanks.I shall give that a go