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I answered this in your previous post. It may not be traditional asthma. Asthma has many flavors. What you are describing sounds like hay fever induced asthma.. aka bronchial asthma.. aka reactive airway disease. This is where allergies or irritants inflame the bronchial tubes causing swelling and a restriction in breathing. Every time you cough, laugh, cry.. anything like that after you are in one of those phases.. you will snow ball feeling the shortness of breathe, chest pain, tickling and itching inside with every breath making you want to cough more..

You need a bronchial dilator inhalor - albuterol, maxair(pirbuteral) is another good one. I have this as does my niece and son, mother and brother... ;) One more thing to rag my mom about in her genetic pool I guess.

I went to the Allergy doctor today and gave me an inhaler, singulair, aciphex, and albuterol. I have stop the zyrtec for a week so I can do the allergy test next thursday. In the meantime Im taking the above accept the albuterol which is only when needed.