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That's why I don't think my PCO is affecting my vision. I also read somewhere that if vision is worse in lower light, that could be PCO problems. But mine seems the same no matter what the lighting is. Just blurry up close and very clear for distance.

Thanks for your input. Best of luck if you do get YAG. I saw that it increases chances of retinal detachment, macular degeneration, etc. etc. The chances of RD are 2%-4%, I think in a normal risk person, and I'm high risk, so not in a hurry to take a chance on going blind.

I sure wish someone would have told me all this before my surgery, which I really didn't even need -- since I didn't have cataracts and no one told me that the lenses "might not" let alone "probably wouldn't" accomodate for near vision. There's no excuse for the lack of patient education, in my opinion. I'm using the same readers I did before the surgery and gained absolutely nothing from this procedure and lost $6,000, endured a good deal of pain, and will forever have to deal with the daytime glare and dangerously blinding lights at night.

If anyone has more input on PCO (Posterior Capsule Opacification) after cataract surgery, please post here. I am looking for info on symptoms to determine if my slight PCO is really affecting my vision.


I've had the YAG in both eyes, less than a year after 2006 cataract surgeries. Now, last of Nov. 07, I'm seeing halo's again, and headlights behind me really bother me at night, also low light as in most churches, so now that you all are mentioning all this, suddenly I wonder if I may need my YAGs done again?

I'm an advanced diabetic with proliferative retinopathy, just had a series of four 1000-burns laser treatments to seal off rogue blood vessels which can cause blindness, will have a new dye test, angiography, in late January to see how many more there are and how well I'm healing. Had a lot of diabetic damage before finding a good retina specialist, and could only have the basic mono IOL's, to make it easier to get in to do retinopathy treatments.

I felt the very same way you do, emotionally, grieving, for over a year, that the cataract surgeons, two fairly young brothers who thankfully have left town since then, told me nothing in advance. They seemed to turn out to be just frankly brats, not a bit empathetic about my feelings.

Now I'm here looking for Dancin'Boots who's also had an epithelial membrane as I do, can't remember if she had a vitrectomy yet and if it was the kind requiring face-down healing for six wks or more. I know I can't sleep that way, but the problem may not come up. Sometimes they can use a saline solution instead of a gas bubble so you don't have to drink your coffee through a straw and try to sleep on your stomach on a slanted thing with your head in something like a toilet seat. I may have some of this wrong. The doctor was running late yesterday, had taught a seminar class elsewhere, and didn't tell me anything about possible surgery, which would include several things, scars, etc.

She's done a lot of procedures on me, including Yags, Kennalog injections, retinopathy treatments, that with the numbing drops and her skill were 98% painless, so I'd trust her. Nobody else.

Re healing, "These things take time." Maybe longer for you for some reason. Have you been tested a few times for diabetes? Sure hope you soon feel better. BEEN THERE. Absolutely. SeriousPerson and KeelaC and others will remember all my bitching.

Since the series of 4 retinopathy treatments, where the laser counts the burns so she can stop before 1000 on each eye at a time, my left eye IMPROVED, from 20-50 to 20-40 in 3 or 4 months, but my worst eye has the epithelial membrane growing pretty fast, causing vision damage from 20-80 or 70 sometimes to 20/100 yesterday, and she just says I need to continue my slow healing until end of Jan., then new tests.

Retinopathy blood-vessel sealing is not to guarantee any improvement in vision, but just to slow the proliferation, so I feel very blessed to get an improvement in even one eye. She said I could get prescription distance glasses now. I've been using dollar store ones too, waiting to get more stabilized. Just got new +6.00 reading glasses from online.

Prescription ones are supposed to be better. Hi to SeriousPerson. We probably discussed pretty long ago that I've also studied art, Assoc. Degree, and used to draw when sitting in classes, sometimes give the prof my impression of her or him, and work on family portraits at home. Main calling is classical music, and I'm still paying dues to the International, Local 5 Detroit, though past retirement age. Just playing a wind instrument, oboe, in a community band, no pay, since a $100 per service church organ job and orchestra jobs had to be given up re vision.
You can't get close enough to a music stand playing violin out in front of you, or share a stand with anyone else. I have to bend forward really close, but I'm hidden. Also have some asthsma, and they're discontinuing the albuterol bronchodilater because of the propelland possibly damaging the ozone. I'm trying to recruit a replacement in case I have to quit. The new version doesn't work as well on my lungs.

Difficulaties only make you love and appreciate life even more, right? Who knows, if I do have a vitrectomy just maybe I'll get some vision improvement in my worst eye too. She's not promising, of course.