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Before I begin I will say my son is on Singulair and has been for a couple years due to croupy cough he couldn't seem to kick, he has been doing really well on just Singulair until now. My son has had a cough for 3 months now. I took him to the Dr, she put him on nasal spray. Didn't help. I took him back, they put him on claritin. Didn't help. I took him back they did a breathing test and said he had very poor lung function. They put him on Zyrtec and liquid albuterol and still the nasal spray but dropped the claritin. He has been on the zytrec and albuterol for almost 2 weeks now with very little improvement. The Dr said it was asthmatic cough. :confused:

Anyone else ever deal with this and should I call the dr again? I feel so bad for him to keep running to the dr but this is getting crazy. He hates the meds (said they taste nasty) lol so why keep giving the meds if they aren't working anyway? :(
thanks for all the replies. I stopped the albuterol because it wasn't making any difference. I spoke to the Dr again about this and he referred us to a pulmanary specialist. I am going to make an appt on Mon for him.
I do not smoke in the house. Never have I smoke outside. Also he has never been tested for CF. Is coughing a sign of CF?