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Well, my DD had asthma with colds (only) when she was little. She is now almost 4, and has seemed to outgrow it. She had this up until January of 06, right before her 3rd birthday. She hasn't had it since. I actually give credit to nebulizers and steriods. They HELP build the childs lungs up, and protect them. I was told by my doc that if I didn't use anything, she could end up with an asthma attack or make her lungs weaker and therefore she could end up asthmatic for the rest of her life. My DS is almost 6 months old (4 months adj) and he has started this as well. His first bought lasted over 2 weeks and he is prone to RSV, being a preemie. They immediately put him on the neb (using Albuterol) and and antibiotic, b/c he also had an ear infection. He was still wheezing at the next checkup, so they had to put him on the steroid. It was so bad, and rattly. He is on an additional anitbiotic, due to a possilbe sinus infection...and to help prevent RSV. He is FINALLY getting better!! He had had the cough 10 prior to the meds, so I do not agree that they prolong the cold symptoms. I think that you need to keep watch of this to make sure it doesn't get worse. I would see if a nebulizer with Albuterol (not a steroid, just for coughing) would work for her. This could only be used at night or as needed for her cough. Good luck!;)
You might also want to consider seeing an allergy specialist to eliminate the possibility of an allergen in the bedroom. Dust mites or mold can cause persistent cough and trigger asthma attacks, especially if you are over-using a vaporiser. My daughter is 2 and has asthma attacks with colds, no allergies. She has been to the ER twice this year because the home nebulizer treatments with albuterol weren't working. The doctor prescribed a daily controller med to be used, but we don't want to use it because her attacks are so few and far between. We have done some things to improve the air in our home and we have eliminated dairy from her diet. She had a cold two weeks ago that went away on its own without an asthma attack! Consider these options, but always consider the doctor's opinion first-especially if he is a specialist!